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Ply Photography

I have always enjoy taking photography since I was young. Starting from basic film camera, I would take my camera everywhere since elementary school. I love taking photo of people, food, and nature. I have a passion for chasing after the Aurora, and regularly go out at 1 am in the middle of no where to take night sky and northern lights photo. I am also a biochemist, and an olive oil and coffee enthusiast.


You may have seen some of my work from these great places: Oliv Tasting Room Edmonton, Characters Fine Dining, Fine Lifestyles Magazine Edmonton, Properties Partners YEG, Augusta Fine Homes Edmonton, Knighton Mens Wear Spruce Grove, E.G.Style Sherwood Park, Teadore Co, One Cool Cookies, and perhaps, Spotify. 

Phuwadet Ply Pasarj



Photo by: Pam Kriangkum